Wednesday, August 21, 2013

11 months old

The fact that you'll be one in a month is scary and exciting. My baby is growing up so fast!

This last month you started walking!! It's my proudest moment with you so far and one of my favourite memories. I'll never forget you taking your first steps. You don't like to get up and walk around yet but if we let go, while we're holding you, you love to race across the room. You'll do it a dozen times. Each time, getting faster and more confident. When you aren't walking, you are crawling at lightning speed and getting into trouble ;)

You love music and shake your bum and bob up and down when a song comes on or when mommy sings. You love Bingo, the alphabet song, and patty cake. You always squeal when I draw the letter on your tummy at the end of patty cake. It never gets old!

You also giggle when you get your hands washed. You are extremely ticklish there, your tummy, sides, under your neck and your feet. You still dislike having your face washed and usually cry while this is being done.

You also dislike having your diaper changed and getting dressed so we try and make it quick!

You love your bath. We have started to put you in there everyday and you come running when you hear the water turn on. You just started drinking the water. You're a little monkey sometimes!

You also love to brush your teeth. We've been teaching you to do that twice a day.

You have been sleeping with mommy in her bed still but we're about to change that. We are in the middle of moving into our new home and you'll be sleeping in your own room soon.

You wave hi and bye to everyone and can now say bye too. You also say momma and dadda and try and repeat other words like hat and swish! You also love to give hugs and kisses.

We haven't weighed you since you're 9 month appointment but I am thinking you're probably about 24 pounds and 31 inches. We will find out next month!! You are in 12 month pants and 18-24 shirts.

You still like to be in your stroller and last weekend we did 10 miles together-- our longest run yet! You're the best personal trainer I could ask for. When you're sleeping, or kicking your feet to run faster, it pushes me to keep going!

You love your food. You talk to it, scream if it is all gone and shove handfuls in your mouth when we give you more. You love all fruit but recently started boycotting vegetables. You still really love pizza, pasta, yogurt, peaches and cheese. You recently started feeding yourself with a spoon too. It can get a little messy but we love watching you learn how to do things on your own.

Even though you love your food, you are really good at sharing!

We are doing your one year photo shoot in a few weeks and then we have planned a hocked themed party for your party! It'll be a small affair with your closest friends. Although I am excited to celebrate with you, I hope the next month goes by slowly. My maternity leave is coming to an end and I feel sad, anxious and nervous about going back to work! I wish I didn't have to! 

While the weather is nice I promise to spend our time together at the park, pool and going for walks/runs though.

I love you so much big boy! Thank you for all your hugs and kisses and smiles.

Love mommy

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