Thursday, August 1, 2013

10 months old

Today, you are 10 months old! I have no idea how that happened!!!

Over the last month you have changed so much! We have also done so much!

We went to White Rock and you saw the ocean for the first time.

We went to Grandma and Grandma's cabin inSaskatchewan and you went on a boat for the first time!

You spent two days with your best buddy Brooks!

You had lots of other play dates with your friends from Baby Steps and Mommy Connections.

Your Nana and Grandpa moved to Lethbridge and you have spent the last 10 days hanging with Nana at some point every day!!

We ran 9 miles together! (You slept most of the way!)

We went to Bella's first birthday party and you spent most of the party playing with all her toys. 

You also got your first haircut!

I have been really enjoying the summer with you! The weather has been gorgeous and we try and get outside everyday! We go to the park, for runs/walks, to the spray park and the outdoor pool! You love the pool! You walk around the edge and love to splash!

You are such a fun age! You clap your hands when Daddy or I say clap and you love giving kisses! You also dance-- you shake your butt and bob up and down to any type of music. 

You are also a little monkey sometimes. You still like to wake up almost every night to either play or cry. You like to get into the drawers and you recently discovered the toilet paper dispenser!

You are still sleeping with mommy for the majority of the night! You sleep in your crib for the first part of the night but that can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 5 hours. You are getting your two top teeth (to add to your two bottom ones) and you are getting so close to taking your first steps!!! You push your walker, the chairs and laundry baskets all day (and sometimes with one hand!!)

We love you so much baby boy! I can't believe how fast my year off with you is going! I love watching you learn and grow and experience everything! I am really going to soak up the next few months!

Love Mommy 

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