Thursday, July 4, 2013

Voice from the past

I didn't plan on blogging today, but London is sleeping and I wanted to keep this memory! 

So as I mentioned yesterday, my parents are moving (more on this, as promised, soon!) Anyway, my mom wanted me to go through a box of old stuff and boy did we find some treasures!

There are old diaries (from 90-95) two Walkmans, two mixtapes, an old cell phone, my old retainer, an atlas, photos of my first car, my graduation cap, drama and keyboarding awards, Chinese medicine balls and lots and lots of old pictures.

There was also a list where I apparently ranked the boys in my class! Apparently I changed a few rankings after we broke up (Rylee!!!) hahaha!!! 

By far, my favourite find was a tape recorder and two tapes. 

They weren't marked but I wanted to see if there was anything on them. Mom and I found some batteries and pressed play. My Grandpa's (we called him Gaga) voice came through the speakers. We listened to him tell the story of when he, my nana, mom, dad, brother and I moved from Toronto to Vancouver via Train. Then, he sang three of the songs he used to sing for my Nana. My Nana, who I was extreme close to, passed away in 1999 and he did this after. He told stories in between the songs of his days in the Navy and said that he hopes these songs brought back happy memories for my mom and that she would listen to them often. I have tears in my eyes still as I remember the look on my mom's face as she listened to her dad. Although he has been gone for 10 years, his voice is still so familiar.

A voice from the past that is still so special in our present and will always be a part of our future. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, I have goosebumps just reading about the tape with your grandpas voice. What an amazing thing to find! Also I LOVE your list where you rate the boys on their hair, clothes and 'cute'! haha so funny!!