Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vacation Continues

Our vacation is going great! Grandma and Grandpa have a huge living room at the cabin so London has lots of room to crawl around and play. Sigh... Our house really needs to sell so we can move into a bigger place!

Anyway, yesterday it rained most of the day so we stayed inside. 

Before it started raining though, I managed to get a run in in the morning 

and when it cleared in the evening, Jarod and I took London for a walk before supper. We brought along our new bubble wand and London couldn't take his eyes off of it! 

London had spaghetti for supper! It was a mess, but he loved it! 

Grandma also spoiled him with frozen yogurt for dessert which he couldn't get enough of! Needless to say, he needed a bath after!

I woke up with a sore throat today and I am hoping it goes away soon. Great Grandma is come to visit and then London and I are heading to Moose Jaw tomorrow for a sleepover with Courtney and Brooks!!!! I am so excited!!!!! It has been way too long since I saw my beatie and her little man! <3

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