Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The first time

Last night was the first time you were sick. Daddy was at a golf event so it was just you and me. We had pan seared salmon and avocado for supper, played and you passed out, early, at 715.

 At 8, I went to move you into the bed and you threw up. You started crying and wanted to cuddle. A few minutes later, you projectile vomited again so I called daddy and told him I needed him home. I stripped the bed and you threw up again so I grabbed some towels and put them down. 

Daddy walked in and picked you up for some cuddles and then started on the laundry. You threw up three more times then passed out in my arms. You woke up and threw up and went back to sleep. You did this a few more times. 

I think it was the salmon that made you sick. No more salmon for you!

I spent the night cuddling you and constantly checking on you. Mommy was so worries!! Daddy spent the night doing load after load of laundry! He was such a huge help!! 

Thankfully, you woke up with a huge smile on your face and a big appetite! I'm so happy to have my healthy baby back! 

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