Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Spray Park Fun & Weight Loss Update

I haven't blogged in a few days because I have been visiting with my mom! We have had supper together the last four nights and been spending most of our days together! We are making up for lost time! I am feeling so blessed to have her here and I know London is too!!

Today, London and I headed to the spray park in Coaldale. We met up with lots of our friends and had fun visiting and watching the kids enjoy the water! 

And sharing snacks...

I even sported a bikini for the first time since before getting pregnant!! I am officially down to my pre-pregnancy weight! Woot Woot! It took 9.5 months but I am 59 pounds lighter! 

(Bikini is from Target-20 bucks!! Score!!!)

We were at the spray park from about 1230-2 and London slept the whole way home! Hanging out with his friends always exhausts him! 

I am hopefully heading out for a girls night tomorrow so I will try and remember to bring my camera and get some shots of Tawyna and Nicole since I always focus on our babies! 

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