Sunday, July 14, 2013

On the Lake

Our vacation is already flying by! Today, London slept in (7:45 woot woot) which was nice! We got up and had breakfast and then I headed out for a run. I am supposed to fit in a 9 miler this week but not sure when I will get that done! Today, I managed 4.5 miles-- from the cabin to the main highway and back. It was great to run somewhere different and the scenery was gorgeous! I didn't stop to take any photos (whoops!) except this one at the half way point so Jarod could see I did make it down the long gravel road to the highway.

After my run and London's morning nap we headed out on the boat!

London loved when Grandpa went fast and when we stopped so he could walk/crawl around and explore!!

He sat on the tube with us for about 10 minutes but absolutely hated his life jacket!

Then it was time to go in the water! We all jumped in (except Jarod who was on the tube) and were enjoying the water when all of a sudden Kim (Colton's girlfriend) said "is that a snake?!"

I didn't even look!! I swam as fast as I could to the tube and went to pull myself up. Jarod reached down and hailed me on! He told me after the snake was right behind me, about a foot away!! Kim made her way on the tube from the other side and we all watched as the snake circled us on the tube! Thankfully, the tube was attached to the boat so I quickly pulled us in and we all jumped on board! Needless to say, that was the end of swimming!!! 

A few minutes later London was looking sleepy, and I knew it was nap time, so I scooped him up and went to the back of the boat to rock him to sleep. He was out in two minutes!!

We had a few more hours with Colton and Kim before they had to leave (they have to work tomorrow) so we enjoyed some playtime inside the cool air conditioned cabin and a yummy BBQ!

 It was a great weekend!! 

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