Sunday, July 7, 2013

Home and Hail

London and I flew home from White Rock yesterday. We had about half an hour to kill before we boarded, so London played in the kids area and got out some energy!

London was a really good boy on the flight. He didn't cry and had lots of smiles for the pretty ladies who would look his way. 

He also kept tugging on the arm of the young guy sitting next me to me! Thankfully, he didn't seem to mind. He even slept the whole way home (2.5 hours) from the airport, which was so nice! We arrived home to an empty house since daddy was golfing. I quickly fed London and went for a run then we headed back out to get some groceries! 

By the time we got home daddy was waiting for us. He was so excited to see London after five days and four nights! It was really cute. London fell asleep early and Jarod headed out to watch the UFC with friends, so I made popcorn and got ready to watch a movie on the couch. About two minutes after Jarod left we had a huge storm roll through! There was thunder, lightning, rain and HUGE hail! 

It was so loud I thought the windows were going to break! It lasted about twenty minutes and, after putting London to bed, I quickly surveyed the damage!

My car has dozens of hail marks. The damage seems pretty bad. 

It also damaged our siding on the house, our shed, one of our doors and our BBQ. I called Jarod, who got stuck driving in the storm, and his car is badly damaged as well!

I am thankful we are okay, but don't look forward to dealing with the insurance company and fixing everything!!

Today, we wanted to do something fun to take our minds off of it, so we headed to the Dragonboat festival this morning and then went swimming this afternoon. It was a perfect day with the family!! I left my phone all home, so no photos to share!

They are calling for another storm tonight. Hopefully, it isn't as bad as last nights! 

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