Sunday, July 14, 2013


I love that I now have an outlet to get out my thoughts because there is something I can't stop thinking about today.

When I woke up at 1am to feed London I checked Facebook and Twitter, like I always do, and saw a young celebrity had passed away.

According to Vancouver Police, 31 year old Cory Monteith, was found dead by hotel staff after he missed his checkout time. He was alone and, although no cause of death has been confirmed, people are saying it was an alleged drug overdose. Cory has admitted to having problems with drugs in the past and recently entered and completed a month long drug rehabilitation program.

He was the lead actor on Glee, a musical type show, that I religiously watched every week! He had boyish good looks, talent, a great sense of humour and he was Canadian!! 

I can't stop thinking about how his family must feel. When people die I want to talk about it. I have always been that way. i don't shut down. I always want to know what happened and why! I hope the autopsy tomorrow can provide some answers for everyone... and maybe help start the healing process. Although I obviously didn't know Cory, I can't help but feel devastated for everyone who did know him!! 

He had a long time girlfriend, he had parents, a brother, coworkers and friends. They are all in my thoughts and prayers today. I can't believe he is gone. Rest In Peace Cory!

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