Saturday, July 27, 2013

Birthday Party Fun

Today, London and I went to Bella's first birthday!! Bella's mommy, Kristi, and I first met when she was my dance instructor in 2007. I joined a recreation hip hop/jazz program through the University and ended up signing up for sessions over the next four years. Kristi no longer teaches but we have friends in common and still hang out from time to time!

It was my first time attending a 1st birthday party so I didn't know what to expect! Well, it was pretty amazing!! I am going to steal a few ideas for London's party. They have a kids area with toys and snacks and blankets which was perfect! They had two bouncy castles, kid pools, a big pool for adults and lots of yummy food!

I only knew a few people there but it was fun to watch London play with new toys and stare at all the people!

He was so freaked out by this toy and how it felt!!

He absolutely loved the water table and now I really want one!!

He snacked on snap peas and cookies before having his meal. 

We even found a chair that was just his size!!

He spent a few minutes in the bouncy castle but want sure what to think...

Until... I took him out and he wanted back in!

His favourite toy was this wooden walker which he used to "show off" his walking skills with for about half an hour!!

It was a great afternoon and I can't wait to start planning London's special day!! 

Oh, and I'll leave you with a few photos of us at the park with Nana last night and London and his new favourite snack... Toilet paper!!! He discovered the extra rolls while I was having a shower--- little stinker ;)

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  1. So cute! That birthday party look freaking awesome! I think I have to step up my game ;) lol just kidding... kind of HA