Monday, July 1, 2013

9 months old

Today you are 9 months old. It is crazy that you were inside my belly for as long as you have been outside. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday that the nurses first placed you in my arms but I also can't remember life before you. 

You are such a big boy! So tall and probably about 22-24 pounds. People always comment on how be your hands are. You, my boy, have huge mitts! 

The last few weeks have been huge for you in terms of milestones. You got your first teeth!! The bottom, front right one came in first and the left one was only a day or two behind. While they aren't all the way "up" yet, you can see them when you smile. They are also very sharp and you have bitten (accidentally) mommy twice now while eating... Ouch!!

You also learned how to crawl. For a few days you wouldn't do it very much, preferring to stand, but now you are moving around all the time. You like to crawl under the kitchen table, crawl into the bedroom and shut the door behind you and crawl over to the kitchen island and pull yourself up on the bar stools.

You still love to stand. Bath time is now a little bit harder as you prefer to stand in your duckie. You also love to stand and watch the water as it is filling up.

You learned how to wave "hi" and "bye" and we only have to say "hi five" and you'll put your hand up to the closest person (before we had to put our hand in front of you!)

You still say mumm mumm mumm ALL the time! We are working on daddy (Jarod a little more than me, haha!)

You have had a lot more "real" food including pizza, perogies, soup, chicken, cheese, whole eggs and pineapple (all of which you loved!) 

Lately you have been extra grumpy. I blame your teeth. You have also been testing your mommy and daddy's patience by screaming every time you get your diaper changed or dressed/undressed. I hope this is just a phase. You also have cried every time you go to someone other than mommy or daddy. This is a new thing and you are usually so happy and willing to make new friends! I am sure this is only temporary.

You are "over" your jolly jumper. I think it is because you can now move around on your own. I  going to miss watching you giggle and squeal as you fly up and down! 

Luckily, you still love to giggle when you're tickled or when we play peek a boo. You are shy and serious in public but always have lots of smiles for mommy and daddy.

We have been spending a lot of time in the pool lately because it has been so hot! I love how excited you get! You are definitely a water baby like mommy! You just finished your first swimming lessons and we will likely enrol you in the next set in the fall.

You are changing so much everyday London. I love you to the moon and back my sweet boy. 

Love Mommy 

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  1. So sweet, and I can't even pick what picture he looks the cutest in! happy 9 months buddy!