Monday, July 29, 2013

3 Hours....And Counting

It's 2:45am and you've now been awake for 3 hours. Today has not been a good day for sleep! You decided to skip your afternoon nap which meant you were awake from 11am to 630. You passed out in your crib but woke up at 830 and refused to go back down in there.

I brought you to bed and you woke up at 11:40pm. I fed you, changed you and cuddled you but you would not go back to sleep. I was getting frustrated (I don't do well on little sleep) so I put you in your crib hoping you would get rid of some of that energy and/or pass out. You played with your mobile and stood up and walked around the rails for twenty minutes before screaming for someone to come get you. 

Your teeth may be bugging you. I can see the top two about to pop through. Daddy brought you your favourite brush to chew on.

But that too was short lived. So, daddy made you a warm bottle hoping that would relax you.

As soon as you were done, you popped up with more energy than ever and proceeded to use mommy as a jungle gym.

This is my "not impressed" face. Apparently, you weren't either.

So, we took the party to the living room where we played with your toys and had a dance party. Daddy and I talked about the fact that even though it was 2:30am, and we were both exhausted, you can still make us laugh!!

At the first yawn and eye rub I scooped you up and brought you back to bed. I am now laying down and nursing you to sleep (I hope!!) It's been 6 minutes and your eyes are closed and your breathing is slowing down. I hope this means I can get back to sleep soon. I love you baby, but I could do without your middle-of-the-night parties! Could you do your mommy a favour and maybe sleep in a little tomorrow? ;) (A girl can dream, right??!?)

I can already tell I am going to need a nap! 


Love, Mommy

Update: You finally fell asleep at 3:45. That means you parties for four hours last night. Oh, and you woke up before 7. It's a good thing you're cute!! ;)  

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  1. Poor you :-(. Glad you and J were able to tag team!