Monday, June 24, 2013

Sleeping With Mommy

I can remember saying "I will never do that" quite a few times before London was born. Oh, how silly I was! Now, I have learned you can never say never (anyone else think of Justin Bieber there? Just me? Um... Okay... Ha Ha!) 

One of those things I swore I would never do was let London sleep in our bed. I was so excited to set up his nursery and picking out his crib was one of my favourite shopping trips! Fast forward to our first night in hospital where Jarod spent the majority of the night smacking London's back as be choked. It was scary. I realized I wanted him close by, at least, for the first few weeks. On the day we were discharged from the hospital we stopped at Toys R Us and bought a bassinet. We set it up next to my side of the bed and put him in it and he wouldn't sleep. We tried the vibrate feature, turned on some music, attempted a swaddled but nothing was working! So, I pulled him into bed with me and we fell asleep!

Every night we tried the bassinet but he wouldn't go down. He was being held for all his naps so he probably didn't understand why I was suddenly trying to put him down to sleep alone. I was extremely exhausted and did what worked for us! I had so many people (even some moms) tell me I was doing the wrong thing and it wasn't safe. I felt very judged. 

Today, London still sleeps in our bed. Jarod doesn't mind him in our bed but felt it was too crowded so he "moved out" in January. Yes, I miss cuddling with my husband at night and waking up next to him but, again, we are doing what works for our family. 

We started trying to transition him to his crib in April. London will go down for naps in his crib but only for 45 minutes. If I cuddle with him he sleeps for two hours (or more!!) Some days, he and I, need the longer nap, so he stays with me. We also are working on nights. After his last feed, he goes into his crib. When he wakes up, he comes to bed with me. The longest he has gone in his crib at night is two hours. I have tried rocking him back to sleep and putting him back in his crib after he wakes up, but he always wakes up as soon as his head touches the mattress. 

Jarod is less committed to getting London in his crib as I am. If it has been a long day at work for him, he would rather I just bring him to bed with me. I am hoping we can just bite the bullet and spend one weekend getting him in there. I think it will have to be a team effort. We both agree the cry-it-out method is not for us at this point either. Hopefully before I go back to work we will have figured it out. 

I will probably do things differently with our next child, but I wouldn't change anything I have done or the choices we made with London. I love rocking him to sleep or laying beside him at bedtime and watching his eyes get heavy. I love that he sometimes smiles and giggles in his sleep and that I am right there to see it! 

I will be so proud the day he sleeps his first night in his crib but, in the meantime, I will cherish these cuddles.


  1. Kaella, don't EVER let anyone make you feel like you're doing the 'wrong' thing and don't feel bad that he's still sleeping in your bed. Co-sleeping was the best thing we ever did and I will hands down be doing it again with our next baby!! London is such a happy boy and if anything sleeping right next to his mamma in these early days is only going to make him a more secure human being. You're a wonderful mom and you're making GREAT choices. My friend co-slept with her first little one for the first year of his life, she heard all the time from people how she was doing the wrong thing and developing bad habits but every time she tried to put him in his crib he would cry and cry. This meant her and her husband didn't get any sleep and neither did the baby (everyone was cranky). At around a year old Able(her son) just started going to sleep in his crib, all of a sudden he was ready and he WANTED to sleep in his crib at that point. I hope it's the same way for you! I think it's terrible how our western society makes us feel like bad parents for doing what feels right and natural. If Scarlett didn't transition easily into her crib when she did she would still be sleeping with us as well. In the end do what feels right for you and your family and don't let anyone make you feel bad about it :) xoxo

  2. I found you via Becky's blog and I can't tell you how happy it made me to read this post. I pretty much could have written this post myself (well, I sort of already did, haha, but my little guy is only 4 months old at this point). Anyway…it's so nice to read that I am not alone in my choice to co-sleep (bed share) as I find I do often feel like I'm being judged when I tell people this. Like you, I had all these visions of my son sleeping in his crib I picked out for him, or the lovely moses basket we got, but nope, he would only sleep in my arms for the first two months and now only in our bed. I did what I needed to do, and turns out, I love co-sleeping! Not to mention I get way more sleep this way, and we all know well-rested momma = happy momma! :)

    Thanks for choosing to share this. I'm glad I found it and read it when I really needed it :)

    1. Thanks for commenting!! London actually transitioned straight to a queen sized bed (ha!) and skipped the crib completely. He goes down at night fine and, if he wakes up, I join him for cuddles. It's awesome! I don't regret our decision to co-sleep and loved all those moments together! He still melts into my arms and falls asleep because it's his "safe place!" Keep doing what you're doing mama!! xx