Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sleep... Or Not

Last night was a tough night in our house. London woke up at 2am screaming. I am usually okay to settle him but I was exhausted. I hadn't gone to bed until 10 and I was awake from 1045-1130 because our neighbours were setting off fireworks and again from 1245-115 when Jarod and my brother got home.

I took a little longer to "wake up" and London's cries kept getting louder. I tried his soother but he threw it across the room. I them fed him and, while he was quiet while eating, he freaked out when I laid him back down. So, I picked him up and went to change him. He bawled the whole time. I then got some Tylenol and have him a dose of that. No luck. I tried breastfeeding him again but he wouldn't stop crying long enough to eat so I made him a bottle thinking he may still be hungry. Nope he didn't even want a sip.

At this point it was 245am and I was getting frustrated. I like to think I am a fairly patient person but the lack of sleep, and the fact I had tried everything, was making me angry.

I finally decided to wake up Jarod and say I needed help. I just needed him to take him for a few minutes or I felt like I was going to scream. 

Jarod came in and picked him up and he kept crying. He didn't want to be held and he certainly didn't want to eat or sleep. He wanted to play (and I think his teeth were really bugging him!)

Jarod and London played peek a boo for a few minutes before we all headed out to the living room for some middle-of-the-night fun! After about an hour and a half, Jarod had had enough. He was hungover and tired and wanted to go to bed. So did I. 

So, I scooped London up and headed into the bedroom. I cuddled him for awhile before finally deciding to lie down and nurse him. I used to do this a lot when he was younger and usually we both fall asleep. Sure enough, five minutes later, he was out. I slipped him his soother, wrapped my arms around him and fell asleep; but, not before kidding his forehead and telling him I was sorry for losing my patience and I loved him so much. It was 4:30am.

London has never slept through the night. He has given me a few six hour stretches but I usually need to settle him at least once. I love my sleep so I am looking forward to the day he gives me am uninterrupted eight hour stretch! Although, I think after nine months, I am getting used to being sleep deprived. 

This morning, London woke up with the biggest smile for mommy. He always knows how to make me forget a bad night. 


  1. Aww!! It's probably the heat too! I find Scarlett isn't sleep as well either! That sounds like a super rough night :( I lose my patients so much easier at night too, I love my sleep so it's so hard when you've done EVERYTHING you can think of and they still wont settle. Hopefully tonight will be better! xo

  2. I think the hardest thing about losing your patience is how much we beat ourselves up. It goes to show how much we love our babies when they can act like little devils and our hearts still burst with love for them. Hang in there Mama, there are some things with our babies that we just can't love away. You are doing an amazing job.