Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Running Story

I love to run... now. Growing up I was the girl who, in gym class, would make up excuses as to why I couldn't do a few laps of the field. I think it's because I signed up for track in elementary school and the coach put me in the sprint race. I am not a sprinter. I am not fast.

I started running after Jarod and I got engaged to try and lose some weight. I got some "proper" running shoes (holy crap they are expensive) from The Running Room and would hit the treadmill at the gym a few times a week. I  kept running until I got pregnant and I really started to love it! I ran/walked my first race, The Moonlight Race, a 6K at 10 weeks but was out on pelvic rest at 14 weeks and had to stop working out! 

After I had London I knew I wanted to start running again. Yes, I wanted to lose weight (I had 55 extra pounds on my frame) but I also knew it would be great ME time! Jarod bought me a treadmill in December and I started a couch to 10K run program and signed up to run the Moonlight Race in march. This time, I would be tackling the 10K! My first run was tough!! I had to run for 30 seconds and walk for two minutes. I was exhausted! Slowly but surely I got stronger and faster! I ran the Moonlight in 1 hour and 6 minutes and 45 seconds. A personal record at the time! I was officially addicted to racing.

I also signed up for a crazy "run everyday in March" challenge. The goal was to run everyday, at least one mile. At the time I could run an 11 minute mile. I figured everyone could find 11 minutes in their day. I am not going to lie, it was hard! The weather made it hard to get out, which meant I had to rely on Jarod or the exersaucer to watch London. At the end of the month I had run 50 miles. I was proud of myself! I was also addicted to "run streaks!" I started that challenge 115 days ago and I haven't missed a day yet! 

These days,  I don't rely on Jarod as much. London and I do most of our runs together. When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to buy a running stroller so I splurged on the Bob Revolution SE and I love it!! We have done a few 10K's together and he is so happy in his stroller (especially when I am running and pushing him) so he is great motivation! 

Since the Moonlight in March, I have done five more races. The 4 mile Lethbridge College Road Race, the 5K Coaldale Family Fun Run, the 8K ladiesfest two 10K's -- the Calgary Marathon and the Better Half Marathon (with a new PR time of 58:24!) I have another one (a 5K colour run) on Friday and Jarod and I, plus our friends Katie and Tyler, are doing a 4K fitness challenge (running and strength stuff) in July. 

I love how running has led to great friendships. One of my best friends, whom I met in baby Steps, and I have now done several races together!  She also convinced me to run a half marathon with her in September!!! A half marathon has always been on my bucket list! I am so nervous but also really excited! I did my first training run today (my longest..7 miles) and am looking forward to pushing my body over the next few months!

I love how I feel when I am running and after I have accomplished my goal. I love thinking about that first run, where I could barely run 30 seconds, and thinking about how far I have come. I hope someday London will run with me! 

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