Friday, June 21, 2013

Mom Makeover

Decided it was time for a little makeover today. I have only had one hair cut since London was born and haven't had it coloured since I was very pregnant. I dropped London off at Katie's and headed out to the salon.

I was a little sad to be leaving him. We spend ALL our time together so it is hard on me and I never know how he will react to me not being around. I know we both have to get used to it though as I have to go back to work eventually!! Katie said he did good playing with her girls and even napped for 45 minutes (in a crib!!!) she didn't even have to rock him to sleep. She also fed him some new foods (pea soup and raspberries) and apparently he loved them. Although he was a good boy I was very excited to see him after my two and a half hours at the Salon were up. Anyway, back to the makeover....

This is my inspirations photo:

This is my before:

And finally, my after shot!

I absolutely LOVE it!!! It is going to be hard to fit in a ponytail for running so I will need to get some headbands! The colour is great and the cut is stylish! Exactly what I wanted! I call it my "mom cut!!" LOL!! I don't think it will ever look like this again (she blow dried it with a round brush which I can't do!!) but I think it'll look great straight as well!

I'm so happy I did it! 

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