Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Maternity Leave

To be honest, before I had London I wasn't sure if I would like maternity leave. I love my job. I work around the clock. I am constantly checking and responding to emails, checking my work twitter and responding to viewers on our CTV Facebook account. I loved taking holidays but could never "switch off" and was always reachable for phone or email. I would send story ideas from the beach in White Rock and I always watched our show online to see what I "missed" that day.

The longest I had been away from tv reporting (in 10 years!!) was the 3 weeks I took off for my wedding and honeymoon. I was anxious to meet my baby boy and have a year off, but I wondered how I would like being home all the time.

My last day of work was September 14th and London was born on October 1st. I had a scheduled csection but wanted time to get things ready before his arrival. Day one was fun, day two was okay and by day three I was bored. I had handed in my work iPhone so I would use my computer to log into my work email and check it. Not multiple times a day but at least once or twice. I also still responded to emails even though I had an out of office reply on. 

That all changed when London was born.

I am never bored with London (unless the weather is crappy for a few days straight and we both get cabin fever!) My days are full of cuddles, playtime, reading books, exploring, trying new foods, play dates, walks, runs and shopping trips. 

Today, I met Tawyna and her sweet little girl Scarlett and cute puppy Bentley at the park for a play date. Although, we had to leave early because it was too windy and cold, it was so nice to get out of the house and visit with another adult and to see our babies interact. 

One of the best things about maternity leave is how every day is different. We wake up and get to use our time however we want (excluding nap time of course!) 

So do I miss work? I have only once! Alberta was just hit with horrible flooding. I did wish I was on the scene reporting as I love the rush that comes with live tv during a time that the information we are providing is critical to helping our viewers! I have covered several flooding disasters (including the horrible one in 2005) so I know how important our job is at a time like that.

Otherwise, I haven't missed it. I miss the people, my work family, but I go for lunch with them regularly. I have heard from several moms that you start to look forward to going back once you are close to returning but I am not there yet. I did log in to my work email once a few weeks ago to get something and I had thirty thousand emails!! That's going to be fun to go through (control-alt-delete all!) 

I love my time home with London. I love watching him grow and learn new things everyday. I love that he can count on me for everything and anything he needs at anytime. I love being his mommy. 


  1. Haha super cute pictures, London! Sad we had to end our park date early, but it was pretty cold!! :)

  2. While my job isn't nearly as fun or fulfilling as hours, I never thought I'd dread going back as much as I do. I wish so badly that I could stay home with Liam every day. I'm not looking forward to dropping him off at the day home for the first time :-(