Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day in the Life

I have seen this on a lot of blogs lately and love the idea of keeping track of what London and I do on a daily basis. (Keep in mind every day is different! This is just a glimpse of one day haha!) 

Wake up 6:45am
London hears daddy's alarm music and his eyes pop open. He is usually really happy and smiley in the morning but today he is a bit cranky. I think his teeth are bugging him. We cuddle in bed while daddy showers and gets dressed for work. After he kisses us goodbye I breastfeed London in bed while catching up on twitter and Facebook.

We get out of bed and change London's diaper. I get London dressed for the day. He is wearing blue jeans and a super cute moustache shirt from Auntie Courtney.

Playtime. London sits on the loving room floor while I wash my face and make breakfast. Peanut butter on toast today. No yogurt or banana to share with London this morning. We'll have a snack after I workout. 

London is starting to look sleepy so I put my breakfast dishes in the dishwasher and scoop him up for a nap. Today we are going to cuddle on the couch for his first nap. We have bootcamp at 915 so hopefully he wakes up in time! Mommy needs her fitness break and to socialize with some other mommies and their babies.

London is fast asleep

Woke up crying which is usually a sign he hasn't slept long enough. Gave him his soother and he passed out again. Looks like we aren't making it to bootcamp.

London is still sleeping and I really have to pee! Time to maneuver my arm out from underneath him and hope he doesn't wake up.... Success! He is still fast asleep! Talk about a power nap! Time to brush my teeth, get myself dressed and maybe even do my hair and makeup (this usually only happens once a week since I live in workout clothes!) 

London finally wakes up! Two hour naps are so rare!!!  

Time to feed him and give him a bottle. First though, I change his diaper and he cries. Sometimes this boy hates having his diaper changed! 

Time to get out of the house. Heading to the mall to surprise daddy and meet up with Katie and her girls. 

Found a cute stylin' hat for London. Went to pay and my card didn't work. Call the bank and I guess my card has been compromised and they cancelled it!!! Thanks for the heads up bank! Geez!! Thankfully daddy came to my rescue and took out some money for us from the ATM! No big shopping spree today though.... Looks like we're also making a trip to the bank on the way home. Did I mention this is the fifth time in two years this has happened to me?! 

After some shopping, walking and talking    we sit down for Subway for lunch. Turns out Katie's bank has also cancelled her card, so I pay. London is ready for a snack so he has some cucumber, apples and baby cheezies. 

We pack up and head out. London falls asleep before we leave the parking lot.

London wakes up as soon as we get home. He is over-tired and refusing a nap. I change his diaper to see if that helps. It doesn't and he starts to cry his "hungry cry" and paw at my chest so I feed him. Mommy is having apples, banana and a yogurt so London sneaks a few bites of everything too. 

London is so tired. He is fighting a nap so hard. He has fallen over three times while playing though. Time to pop some laundry in and rock him to sleep. Some days he takes three naps. Today is looking like it'll only be two.

London is asleep. I knew he was exhausted. Time to clean up a bit and hopefully squeeze in a run on the treadmill. 

The city just declared a state of emergency because of all the rain we have gotten over the last few days. Catching up on twitter and Facebook messages about it and texting with Courtney while Brooks naps (we text more than we can chat these days but I still love our conversations and that she is the only person I can talk to about anything and everything!!)

Whoops I fell asleep on the couch, haha! I must have needed it!! Time to run a quick mile on the treadmill (gotta keep up with my "run everyday challenge") before Jarod gets home and we start supper. 

Daddy is home! I love how London lights up when he sees Jarod! He literally hears the door open and can't stop smiling when he sees him! They always play together for a minute before Jarod goes to take his work clothes off. London is still sleeping today though (I swear my kid never sleeps this much haha!!!) Time to start supper.

London wakes up and I breastfeed him. I guess when you only have two naps a day they need to be at least two hours!! 

We all sit down at the Dinning room table for supper. London joins us for some solids. Tonight he is having chicken, avocado, pineapple and blueberries. 

Finished supper. Daddy cleans up while I fold and put away laundry. London has a mum mum and watches us work.

London and I call mom while Jarod drives to the store to get us a treat. 

London crawled!!!! I was talking to mom and all of a sudden he started crawling!! Daddy came home from the store and got to see him do it! Yay!! My life just got a whole lot crazier!!! Congratulations buddy!!! 

Time for some jolly jumper time. London loves his jolly jumper and it'll be a sad day when he grows out of it! He jumps as high as he can and squeals with excitement! Daddy and I love to watch him!

No bath tonight since the city wants us to conserve water. London is getting tired so we take him out and daddy makes a nighttime bottle while mom breastfeeds him. 

Usually London falls asleep but tonight he is wide awake (I blame the two extra long naps!) I take him to bed with me for some cuddles and all he wants to do is crawl (is this a sign of things to come?! Ha Ha!)

London finally falls asleep. What am awesome day together!!! Can't wait to do it all again tomorrow. 

Goodnight my little boy and sweet dreams. Mommy loves you. 

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