Saturday, June 29, 2013

Canada Day BBQ

It's 9 o'clock and London is fast asleep and I am curled up on the couch about to watch a click flick. We just got home from a really fun afternoon/evening with friends. Katie and Tyler hosted an early Canada Day BBQ at their house! 

A few of Jarod's hockey friends were there, some of Katie's friends and my friends Tawyna, Adam and Danielle! It was a great group! London loved playing with Scarlett and they bonded over goldfish and cheezies :)

Tyler manned the grill and we munched on burgers, juicy watermelon, fresh veggies, and an amazing summer salad (I want that recipe Danielle!!) There were lots of desserts to choose from so I filled up on a yummy cupcake Tawyna made, cookies and some Jello (and a Jell-O shot-- thanks Ryan!) 

London and I left at 8 o'clock so that he could eat and go to bed. His teeth were bugging him a bit tonight so he had lots of daddy cuddles before we left. 

A few of us were reminiscing about how our nights used to start at 8-9, not end then! Ha!! I wouldn't change my life for anything right now though and am so happy exactly where I am at! 

Happy Canada Day! 

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  1. Love the pictures! If you get that salad recipe I definitely want it also!! :)