Wednesday, June 19, 2013

8 months old


Time flies when you are a parent. I have never wanted time to slow down more than I have these past 8.5 months. A lot has changed since the last update! You are now eating a lot of "real" food! Pineapple, chicken, salmon, pasta, peaches... You love to eat whatever mommy and daddy are eating. Your favourite thing to do in the morning is share a key lime Greek yogurt and banana with mommy and you can't get enough of the Gerber puff chezzies! They are mommy's go-to snack when I need a few minutes to get your meal ready or when I want to finish what's on my plate in silence.

You make new sounds everyday! Mostly mummm mummm mummma (which I swear is for me, but daddy is not so sure--or just jealous haha!!) You are so close to crawling!! Daddy says you know how but don't want to. You get up on all four easily, rock, put your arms and maybe one leg out and then quickly retreat. It is so cute to watch but I know you also are quite frustrated because you want to move! You would rather not be on your bum anymore. You LOVE standing! You hold on to the couch or your toys now and will stand there for 20 minutes just playing. You recently decided to stand up and hold on with only one hand and can also move from one thing to another. This scares daddy but mommy knows you are tough!

You still sleep with mommy. You will usually go in your crib for an hour or two but then wake up and refuse to go back to sleep. Daddy doesn't like to hear you cry so he usually scoops you up and brings you into bed. You sleep in your bed for (most) naps... We just need to work on nights! You just started sleeping through the night which mommy loves! You usually go down around 8-9 and wake up between 7-8. It is great and mommy loves that she is feeling human again! 

You are still breastfeeding (my new goal of 9 months is coming up quickly) and I am still enjoying it. You eat when you first get up, after your first nap, after lunch, before supper and before bed. We still supplement two ounces after every feed but you don't always want it anymore.

You finally are getting some teeth! One just broke through your gums a few days ago and is slowly making its way up into place. You have been a little cranky and extra cuddly lately, because of it, but I can't complain. Mommy gives you Tylenol and/or extra hugs and kisses all the time!

You are getting so big big boy! 20 pounds 6 oz and 29.5 inches as of May 23rd (so almost 8 months!) I think you are probably close to 22-23 pounds now. We even installed your new convertible carseat and got rid of the infant bucket carrier. You seem a lot more comfortable in there. You are also wearing some 12-18 months clothing! 

I can't believe I have to go back to work in a few months (okay 4.5...) but at least I know you will be in good hands when I do. Nana is moving here to take care of you!! I am so happy and relieved to know you will be so safe and loved while I am gone. I am going to miss you so much! Especially since the longest we have been apart since you were born is 3 hours!! 

I love you sweet boy... My little stinker. Thank you for filling my heart with so much happiness and love.

Love Mommy 

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