Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Training Tuesday-- 5 Days until the Calgary Marathon

In case you missed it, I posted my Shopper's Drug Mart Run For Women recap, last yesterday, and you can find that HERE. 

Well, it's finally here! The Calgary Marathon is on SUNDAY!! When I first signed up for the Half Marathon my goal was to PR. Of course, in the back of my head, that's still my A goal. I won't be disappointed if I don't though. As, I've mentioned numerous things have happened over the past few months. The latest, a back injury, and two trips to the chiropractor for adjustments. I could barely walk yesterday. Whoops! He does tell me I should be good to go Sunday though! Fingers crossed.

The reason I wanted to share that is I don't think anyone can have a perfect training cycle. Runs are missed for injuries, sicknesses, and other commitements. Life can just get in the way. These have all happened to me, at some point, over the last few months. Still, I'm determined to go out on race day and give it my all. Plus, running and racing is supposed to be FUN!

I'll be running the Half Marathon at 6:30am then hanging out with some friends, on the Stampede grounds, until I pace my friend Melissa in her first 5K at 12pm. I am so excited! 

There's actually events all weekend. I'll be speaking at the EXPO on Friday at 1pm, attending a VIP event that night and then attending the Running Room "shake-out" Friendship Run Saturday morning at 9am followed by the meet-up/tweet-up at 9:30. (<<I hope you'll join me Saturday!!) Here's the link to the Facebook Event so you can RSVP.

As for my workouts last week. I only got in two 5 mile runs and then my 10K race Sunday. It wasn't ideal but I'll take it.

I'm ready to go race my heart out Sunday!! 

GOAL A: 1:53:xx
GOAL B: 1:55:xx
GOAL C: Sub 2:00

See you at the finish line!! But first....

If you're running Calgary, what is your goal?
Do you prefer training runs or races?

Monday, May 25, 2015

Race Recap: Shoppers Drug Mart Run For Women 10K

As I mentioned, in my weekend in review post, I raced this weekend. AngeLaura and I signed up to run the Shoppers Drug Mart Run For Women together. I've been chatting with Ange, online, for awhile but only recently found Laura's blog. It was so great to finally meet them both! 
This race was more than just striving for a PR (personal best) and connecting with new friends. The run was about raising awareness, and funds, for mental health programs in Southern Alberta. As I mentioned last week I've been seeing a therapist to deal with my separation. It's nice to know there's help out there and that you're not alone.
Sunday morning, I was up early to pick up Jarod and London. I pitched the idea of driving the two hours as a family since we've been trying to make a zoo trip work for weeks. Thankfully, J was on board.
We were running a little behind schedule (I like to be really early) but managed to score a really close parking spot and I made it to the race area with about 15 minutes to spare. The race was actually running about 15 minutes late so it worked out great! I met up with Ange and Laura and grabbed my bib and race swag (thank you for picking that up Ange) and we posed for a few photos.

Classic Ange head tilt ;)

At 9:30, we were off! Ange and I lined up near the front as it was self-seeded (Laura was doing the 5K which started 10 minutes later.) I didn't want to start too fast but I didn't want to waste energy weaving around people either. The race was held in Edworthy Park in Northwest Calgary. It was absolutely gorgeous running along the river. I tend to run faster in unfamiliar surrounds (Step 1 to a PR for me.)
I ran with a pack of girls for the first 3K. When we hit the first turnaround point I distracted myself by looking for Ange. Sadly, I couldn't find her. I'm not going to lie, at this point, I was struggling. At the 4K mark, I wished I had signed up for the 5K. At the 5K I wondered how I'm going to run that same distance AND a half marathon next weekend! 
I haven't been running as much, or as fast, as I would have liked to leading up to my goal race next weekend (Step 2 to a PR for me.)
I got exactly what I needed around the 6K mark. I ran into Laura as she was finishing up her 5K and she was looking happy and strong! We both managed a quick wave, and "hey" before continuing on our way. I just hit the second turnaround when I heard a "YAY, go Kaella"and looked up to seeing Ange's smiling face. It was exactly what I needed to push through the final 2K and finish strong! (Step 3 to a PR for me.)
Thanks Laura for the photo!
I rounded the final corner and forced myself to speed up. I was trying to look around for London but couldn't see him. They're actually right behind me in the photo above!  I crossed the finish line, stopped my watch, and knew I had PR'd! What an awesome feeling!!!
FINISH TIME: 51:39  (previous PR 54:13)
I walked a few steps and ran into the beautiful Nicole from Haute Runner which was SUCH a nice surprise! I was completely out of breath, and a sweaty mess, but I'm glad we found each other! She's so sweet and beautiful-- pretty much exactly how she is on her blog. 
I only chatted for a few minutes because London was waiting to see his mommy. The first thing he told me was that I was really sweaty and that he saw me "run, reallllly fast!" That was awesome. One of my co-workers, and friends, Jacquie surprised me by showing up to cheer me on too! It was great to have so much support.
We spent a few minutes playing on the playground before I headed back to the finish line to cheer on Ange. She thought she would finish around 1:05:XX but, because she's awesome, she came in wayyy earlier! I missed watching her run but I did get to chat with her and Laura about our races for a bit after. BOTH ladies smashed their PR's!!
You can read Ange's recap HERE AND Laura's recap HERE.
There were lots of stuff onsite to do before, and after, the run but I decided not to stick around. London had been a trooper so it was time to take him to the zoo.
I did quickly check my stats before we left though and was pumped to see that I placed 28th overall and 9th in my age group! 
Everyone is #1 in our eyes 
I would absolutely do this race again!

Bachelorette Night, A New PR & A Day At The Zoo-- Weekend In Review

This weekend was REALLY fun and I took a lot of photos! Lets get right to it.

Friday night, I had some of my girlfriends over to watch The Bachelorette. Although the show aired Monday and Tuesday this was the first night we could all get together to watch it. Plus, I don't have cable so we had to order it off of ITunes-- thank you Apple TV! 

June came armed with a game of Bachelorette Bingo and there were some great prizes up for grabs include a framed photo of Chris Harrison (the host) a "diamond" ring, a rose scarf and Harrison's new love novel. I ended up walking away with the photo. It's awesome.


I even got meet the newest addition to our girls group! Baby Navy was six days old here. Her mom, Nicole, and I met in our baby group when London and her son, Roman, were just four weeks old. I loved the baby cuddles!!!! 

After the show, a few of us headed out to celebrate June's 29th birthday! We started the night at Hudson's where we pretty much stayed out on the dance floor the whole time! Some other friends joined us and we eventually made our way to another bar before ending the night at McDonalds. I didn't fall asleep until 4 o'clock! I haven't done that in awhile!! It wasn't the smartest thing to do on race weekend... or maybe it was LOL!

Despite my desire to sleep in, I was wide awake before 7am!! I wasn't feeling that great so I tried, my best, to just relax and stay in bed. I eventually got up at 9 and started getting ready for a staff photo shoot. We arranged to get new headshots, and group shots, done for work. I wore lots of makeup to try and hide the bags, haha! We went to lunch after and I loved the chance to visit outside the office!

I spent the rest of the day painting my dining room chairs and relaxing. I was, in bed, by 9 o'clock.

Sunday morning, I was up at 5:45am because I had a busy day in Calgary planned. I picked up Jarod and London and 6:30 and hit the road. Our first stop was Edworthy Park for a 10K run (my first of the year!)

I had an AWESOME race and walked away with a new PR! YAY! I'll be posting my recap once I get the race photos back.

After the race we headed to the Zoo for a few hours. London LOVED the penguins and was so brave this trip. Once I explained that glass and cages separated us from the animals he was better about walking up to look at them.

We got home around 5 and spent some time playing outside before it was time to make supper. As I made pasta he told me he was cooking me eggs and giraffe. Kids, haha!

I hope you had a great weekend too!!