Tuesday, July 11, 2017

#RunYQL- I started a Run Club


I've been thinking about starting a run club for awhile now. I love the idea of training with others towards a common goal. I pitched the idea to my boss at Orangetheory Fitness in the hopes of attracting some of our members and their family and friends. He loved the idea and just like that #RunYQL was born!

Within a week, our #RunYQL Facebook Group had over 120 members!

This past Sunday the inaugual #RunYQL training run was held! About 30 of us met at 9am Sunday and headed out for a 5.5 kilometer run. The group is training for either the 10K or the Half Marathon Lethbridge Police Run September 30th. We started as a group but everyone ran at their own pace. I was pushing London in the stroller and it was tough in the heat but we had a lot of fun! He asked to jump out and run, a few times, which I loved. 

Although we all finished at different times a lot of people hung around at the studio after to high-five people as they came in and to chat. That's what I love about run clubs. I've been fortunate to be a part of a few, over the years, and love the camaraderie and bonds they create. 

So, if you're local and thinking about training for a fall race I would love you to join us. We have people of all ages and abilities; including walkers! Strollers and furry friends are always welcome too. Plus, it's FREE!

Although we're only meeting once a week I'm providing 12 week training plans for both distances.

We meet Sunday mornings at 8am.

Join our #RunYQL Facebook Group for more information and weekly updates on routes.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Race Recap: Ladiesfest 8K

A few weeks ago, I ran Ladiesfest with a group of girlfriends. This is the fourth time I've done the event and my times have varied from 43-49 minutes. I haven't been doing a lot of speed work lately so I didn't have any goals going into it. I picked up my bib, from Runner's Soul, the day before. Pickup was fast, which I love about local races, and you can opt out of receiving the t-shirt (and pay a reduced fee) which I've started to do lately.

The race starts at 8am from the Lethbridge Lodge. I picked up Tawnya and we arrived at 7:30, used the hotel bathroom, and headed to the starting area a few minutes before go time. This year, I waited until the very last minute (probably about five minutes before the start) before deciding I wanted to run with friends instead of race. It was the right decision.

Our goal was to stick together, have fun, and just enjoy running. Oh, and survive Whoop Up (a big hill at the end of the race!) After one last shoe shot we were off....

The course starts by running downhill and then you spend most of the race running in the Coulees, next to the Old Man River, which I absolutely love. The path can get a little narrow at points, especially when racers get to the turn around point, but the race is capped at 750 so it isn't too crazy. We got to the bottom of Whoop Up and agreed to tackle the hill at our own pace. I didn't want to stop so I just put my head down and took off. I've been doing a lot of hill training (thank you Strength days at OTF) so I was actually feeling pretty good. I stopped for two quick walk breaks and before I knew it I was at the top. I stopped to wait for the other ladies but some guy yelled at me to keep going "you're almost at the finish" and, since I couldn't see them, I decided to take off. I finished in just over 50 minutes.

The other ladies weren't far behind. Tawnya CRUSHED her PR!! She's been killing it lately at OTF and it shows! 

I love running with June! She's always so motivating and makes it fun! 

After the race, Leighann, June and I headed inside for a free brunch. Usually they just have bagels, pastries and fruit but this year we were spoiled with a hot breakfast. It was AMAZING!

We stuck around for the awards (congratulations to all the winners) and then I headed home to complete another easy-paced four miles.

Overall, I really like this race. It's a great route (even with the hill) and well organized. I'll definitely be back next year! Just a heads up if you're local, and plan on registering, it sells out fast! Keep an eye on the Runner's Soul Website for details on when registration will open.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Calgary Marathon 2017

Oh, hi there! I know it's been awhile months since I've last posted. Let's catch up!

I was busy covering our local hockey team's playoff run, for basically 40 days straight, and then started coaching more at Orangetheory Fitness. I also went on a vacation to Napa and San Francisco with some friends which was amazing! My roommate Allie (who's sadly moving out soon) has a place there so we spent time at the property and then a day in San Fran. It's so beautiful and I'm already dreaming about when I can make another trip.

It's hard to believe it's almost JUNE and I still haven't run a race yet this year. I've had to DNS THREE races because of my busy schedule. Thankfully, I have Ladiesfest coming up in two weeks and I will be running that with some friends! I'm also training for one of my favourite half marathons, SeaWheeze, and starting to think about my fall "goal" race for this year. I'm seriously considering another marathon BUT not sure if it's going to happen this year. I know my mom is probably doing a little dance reading that. I've been eyeing up RnR Brooklyn in October. If you've done that race I would love to hear any feedback! I've also heard amazing things about the BMO Okanagan!

This past weekend, I ran the Calgary Marathon kids race with London. We were signed up to do the 10K stroller race but I had something come up at work and ended up having to miss it. Still, we had a blast running the kids race together.

It's a 1.2KM course at the Calgary Stampede grounds. It was London's third time doing this race and definitely his favourite. If your children are under five adults can run with them so this was our last time doing it together. I cherished it! Last year, he completed it in 8:20 and this year he shaved off almost two minutes finishing in 6:32.  He's speedy! He basically ran the whole thing and then finished and asked when he could race again. 

The Calgary Marathon is an event I've taken part in the past four years. I'm a little disappointed they chose to push the 10K back from 7:30am to 11am. I think it was way too warm to be racing at that time. They also pushed the Kids Race from 10am to 9am meaning a lot of the half marathon runners weren't finished in time to run with their kids. I'd like to see those changes reversed for next year. Either way, we'll hopefully be back in 2017!

So, other than planning my upcoming races, I've been busy working on training plans for running clients. I'm also taking on some new responsibilities at work and helping coach London's t-ball. He starts Kindergarden, and Timbits hockey, in the fall so I'm sure my life is only going to be crazier. I also got asked to be a bridesmaid in my friend Danielle's wedding and am so excited and honoured! 

I also have a few upcoming trips on the schedule and other exciting things in the works! 

I can't promise I'll be posting on a regular schedule, again, anytime soon but I'll be back with a recap of my upcoming race in a couple weeks. As always, thanks for stopping by!