Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Planning Ahead-- My 2015 Race Calendar

I've mentioned it a lot but races keep me motivated. I love having a goal to work towards and I love the rush that comes with running, and finishing, a race.

Today, I somehow convinced two of my best friends to run a half marathon with me, next year. Carrie and I have been friends since we were six years old. We met Melis when we were eight. We've been constants in each other's lives and I know I can count of these girls no matter what. Last month, Carrie flew out to Lethbridge for a much needed girls weekend.

Carrie recently started running and completed her first 5K race last month. Melis has never raced but is excited (and a little terrified) to work towards this goal! It's not the first time I've convinced them to do something out of their comfort zone, hahahaha!


I'm technically waiting to register until I hear back from my Rock N Blog application but I will definitely be there running it!  Is anyone else registering? It's only two weeks after the NYC Marathon so I will be taking it easy and just running, for fun, with Carrie and Melissa!

As for the rest of my 2015 race calendar? Well, I recently added a new page to my blog called UPCOMING RACES which you can find HERE.

I'm sure I will be adding a few more but those are the ones I'm registered for or will be once registration opens! Here's the complete list (and the rest for this year) if you don't want to click the link ;)


1. Mustache Dache 5K- November 24th
2. Apocalypse Series Half Marathon Run- November 29th
3. Santa Shuffle 5K- December 6th


1. Last Chance Half Marathon- March 1st
2. Moonlight Race 6K- March 7th
3. 4 Mile Road Race- April TBD
4. Coaldale Family Fun Run 5K- April TBD
5. Calgary Half Marathon- May 31st
6. Ladiesfest 8K- June TBD
7. Seawheeze Half Marathon- August 15th
8. NYC Marathon- November 1st
9. Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon- November 15th

Do you have any more races this year? 
What's one race you plan on running in 2015?
Have you ever convinced non-running friends to sign up for a race?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Race Recap: Clause Cause 10K

I signed up for the Clause Cause with the expectation I could PR. I have been focusing on half marathons this year and already beat my 10K time at all of them. Still, I don't count it as officially unless it's an actual 10K race. My current PR is from last year's Clause Cause.

I wasn't feeling optistic leading up to the race, though, since we had recently had a lot of snow and the forecast was calling for more of the white stuff, high winds and temperatures in the -20's. I prefer to run on the treadmill when it's cold and icy!

I woke up at 6:30 and immediately checked the forecast.

Okay, so it was going to be cold! 

Running in cold weather is all about layering. I knew I would be wearing most of my favourite cold weather running gear. I threw on my lulu leggings (speed tights) and then an under armour t-shirt and two long-sleeved lulu tops and, finally, my running jacket. I also wore TWO things on my head---- a headband and then a lulu toque that has a ponytail
holder. I also had two pairs of socks on and a pair of gloves that I stuffed with "hot hands." I threw a buff around my neck, at the last minute, so I could pull it up over my mouth and nose if necessary. 

Or, and for good luck, I also sported last year's tutu! 

The race started at 9am. There was parking about 1km away so I warmed up by jogging to the starting area.

At 9:01, we were off!

The race took us along gravel and paved paths in the river valley. The snow held off
so we only had to deal with some icy sections and deer (yes, at one point, three ran out in front of some of us!)

At the 1K mark, my music stopped. I took off my gloves to grab it and saw the warning that my phone was too cold and couldn't operate. So, I had no music and no idea how fast I was running for the rest of the race!  I really am hoping the first item from my "What To Buy A Runner For Christmas" is under the tree this year so I can always know my pace hahaha!!;)

The 5 and 10K runners stayed together until the 4K mark and then the 10K'ers did another mini loop, and an out-and-back section, before heading to the finish line. It was a great course and a nice change from last year's double loop (my least favourite!!) 

I actually had a blast this race! I never felt like I was working too hard and I was never cold! I did get a little warm around the 8k mark but was fine for two more Kilometers. I would have dropped one, or both, of my long sleeves if it was a half marathon!

I felt like I was having a good race but nothing too crazy. was shocked to come around the final bend and see the finishers clock at 54 minutes!!! 

Official Time: 54:13
3rd in my category (30-39F)
5th female

I love the awards! I didn't eat mine this year ;)

Overall, I'm pretty pumped about a new PR! I am definitely signing up for a spring 10K to see how fast I can race in some better conditions! For now, I have my last race of the season to get ready for! I'm doing a half marathon at the end of the month!

Did anyone else race this weekend? How did it go?
Are you training for something?
What's something you always wear when running in cold weather?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

One sentence per photo- Weekend in Review

I'm going to keep this short and sweet since I'm hoping to go to bed early tonight! 

Our Saturday in photos since I didn't take any Friday night (stayed in) or Sunday. 

Saturday morning racing in the cold! (Race recap coming tomorrow. Spoiler: I PR'd!!)

Who ran the race?

A loooong hot shower to warm up and getting ready for a mommy/son day!

New hockey shirt

Photo for Nana!

Christmas shopping like a pro

Much needed haircut

Supper at the mall while we wait for Santa to arrive

Silly faces

He looks 5!

Asleep on the way to the hockey game

Today, we cleaned and did 8728 loads of laundry, played hockey/read Christmas books and then I saw interstellar in theatres (didn't love it!) We spent the night, as a family, playing hockey and watching Elf!

I hope you had a great weekend too!