Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekend in Review

I can't believe how fast this weekend flew by! Let's just hope the next two weeks do as well. One of my best friends is coming to visit from Vancouver and I couldn't be more excited for a very overdue girls weekend with her and Melissa (the three of us have been friends for 25 years!)

Friday night, I volunteered to serve supper at a fundraiser my boss had helped organize. I always love meeting, and chatting with, new people.

I had the house to myself, when I was done, so I soaked (for a long time) in our jacuzzi tub (I'm going to miss it!!)

Saturday, Jarod and I spent the morning organizing all of London's baby stuff to sell then it was off to the mall for a little retail therapy before Roman's 2nd birthday party. London and Roman have been friends since they were a month old, and go to daycare together, so they really are best buds! It was at a nearby corn maze/petting zoo and we had so much fun!!

I ended the night at a pub with some
people from work.

This morning, London and I went grocery shopping and then enjoyed a couple hours at the park.

I went for a much needed run during his nap and watched a couple episodes of "Suits" (my new addiction!!)

We spent the rest of the afternoon outside. I mowed the grass and then rewarded myself with my free birthday drink from Starbucks and some foam rolling. I love foam rolling!

I have a busy week coming up but hopefully that means it'll go by fast!

How was your weekend?
Anyone else watch (watched) Suits? I'm only in season 1, so no spoilers!! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Things I'm Loving Lately 21

1. YOU

Seriously guys, I was absolutely blown away by the comments, messages and emails I received on my latest post. To say I'm going through the most difficult time of my life feels like an understatement. I read (and re-read) many of your comments to help get me through some of the toughest times. My family and friends have been my rocks.  I don't know if I will ever be able to say thank you enough. I'm slowly figuring out what my new life is going to look like and to know I have your love and support really helps! Thank you for helping me focus on living in the light.


I was tagged in this instagram BE HAPPY post by my girlfriend Tawnya and I really needed the opportunity to really think about what makes my heart happy. It was easy to think of 10 things and I could definitely have kept going. I tagged 20 of my friends, and favourite bloggers, and loved hearing what makes them happy too! 

Here's my list:

 1⃣ My son, London. He can always make me smile. 2⃣ My job. I work with, and get to meet, some incredible people. 3⃣ My family and friends. When you're going through the most difficult thing in your life you realize who has your back no matter what. I love my little circle. 4⃣ Running. My happy place. 5⃣ Hugs. The tight and right kind. 6⃣ Traveling. I love exploring new places and I'm definitely due for another trip to NYC. 7⃣ Reading. Whether it's a good book, a magazine or an article, I love losing myself in a story. 8⃣ Flowers. They smell amazing and can instantly brighten my day. 9⃣ Honesty. Saying what's on your mind and knowing others are soon the same. It's good for the soul. 10 A new playlist. There are so many good songs out there right now. I'm especially loving Ed Sheeran (swoon!)


This isn't something new, and shouldn't be a surprise, but running continues to be such a good thing for me especially lately. It allows me to get out of my head for awhile. Plus, that runner's high is hard to duplicate.



My best friend Court is the BEST when it comes to presents. She shops, year-round, and picks up things as she sees them (so smart, I need to do this!) Anyway, she gave me this gorgeous jewelry clutch for my birthday. It wasn't until a few days later she asked me if I saw the necklace inside... I hadn't! I've worn it almost every day since. 


I am so happy for Court, her husband Bart and their little boy Brooks. This week, Court found out they are expecting a girl. I have been thinking a lot about my life plan lately and realizing I have to let go of some things I really want, at least for now, and that includes more children. Court's news snapped me right out of my funk. I could not be happier for them and I can't wait to spoil Quinn! I love her so much already!

What are your loving lately?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

When it's Over. Time to Be Honest.

I mentioned a few days ago that I was going through some things but couldn't get into details.I feel that now's the time to share with you some of what's been going on. The truth is, my whole life is falling apart.

Jarod and I are getting a divorce.

We got married October 9th, 2011. I was happy. I was in love. I had high-hopes for our future together. I was marrying my best friend and excited to start a family with him. It was one of the best days of my life.

I will not get into the details of what happened as I would never want London, or his friends, to come across this post. His dad and I will talk to him when he's old enough to understand.

There's still a LOT of stuff that needs to be worked out but Jarod and I are on the same page. We both want to put London's needs first and do what's best for him. We are hoping to meet with our lawyer next week and finalize the details on custody and finances. We plan on selling the house but are hoping to both buy a place in the same area we live. I'm sad to give up my dream house but know that's not what's important.

Jarod and I have been together eight years and I know we will be both be okay. Together, we created the most beautiful baby boy and he is going to grow up with parents that love him more than anything.

Thank you to my amazing family and friends that continue to support me, make me smile and comfort me when I'm a complete mess.

Please excuse my lack of posts, comments and interactions lately. 

I'll be back soon,